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I work with a number of specialist partners, should you wish to find out more, please get in touch with me:

Sarah Shortland Cpsychol AFBPsS is a Senior Consultant & Psychologist at Cargyll. Sarah provides bespoke diversity and inclusion training focused on psychological safety, social learning theory and the impact of role models, unconscious bias and how the brain works instinctively.

Tara Powell is an Approved MHFA Instructor and MHFA Corporate Associate at We Are Inclusive Minds. We Are Inclusive Minds offers a wide range of Mental Health training and consultancy services with the necessary tools and expertise to help support your business with all things Mental Health.

Clive Reeves is the owner of Reeves Media an independent, award-winning creative agency, based in Birmingham. They are a connected, collaborative team, working with clients they love to take their brand and creative communications to the next level. Reeves Media help to bring alive inclusion stories, through designing creative content. 

Bianca Jones is Managing Director of EDP Training and provides training to organisations around Mental Health & Racism specifically the impact it has on the mental health of people of colour in the workplace .

Ciara Lees is a consultant for IncludeMe which is 4 week online programme which takes people through the four stages of learning and enables them to understand what diversity really means and what it takes to build an inclusive culture.

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